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Episode 5 — Improving care: The role of patients, technology and the art of healing with Archelle Georgiou, M.D., and Patrick Yoder

Posted by Patrick Yoder on March 21, 2018 12:29:14 PM CDT
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In today’s episode of the LogicStreaming Podcast, host Patrick Yoder, CEO and co-founder of LogicStream Health, talks with Archelle Georgiou, M.D., a nationally recognized physician, author, healthcare consumer advocate and executive in residence at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, about the art of healing, the role of consumers in making the right decisions for their care and the impact of electronic health records (EHRs) on the doctor-patient relationship.

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The conversation began with highlights from a recent healthcare technology conference, HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas, including announcements about EHRs and tools for driving best practices and standardization in opioid prescribing procedures. (Don’t miss Patrick’s related op-ed about the opioid crisis in MarketWatch). The discussion turned to another op-ed piece, this one published in the New York Times (“Doctors, Revolt!”) and the necessity of balancing the art of healing with the need for standardization for improved clinician engagement and reduced variation in care delivery. Dr. Georgiou and Patrick reflected on comparisons of U.S. healthcare spending and outcomes with the inputs and results achieved by other industrialized countries, pointing to the high costs related to pharmaceuticals, certain procedures and administrative budgets as key factors driving up expenses in the U.S. system.

healthcare-choices-book-cover.pngDr. Georgiou and Patrick discussed the importance of consumers learning to more effectively advocate for their own care and the fact that many people don’t know how to make the shift from complacency to competency. Giving people a roadmap was the impetus for Dr. Georgiou’s new book, “Healthcare Choices: 5 Steps to Getting the Medical Care You Want and Need.” Dr. Georgiou explained the steps in the CARES model, outlined in her book, that help patients become a strong voice in the healthcare process: Understand your Condition, know your Alternatives, Respect your preferences, Evaluation your options and Start taking action. Selecting the right healthcare team is an important part of this process and can lead to improving care delivery.

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In addition to her work as a physician and author, Dr. Georgiou has also been featured on local television stations discussing a variety of healthcare topics.


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