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Episode 8 — The value of Clinical Process Improvement software to drive powerful, positive change in healthcare quality and performance

Posted by Patrick Yoder on May 10, 2018 12:48:00 PM CDT
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In today’s episode of the LogicStreaming Podcast, host Patrick Yoder, kody-hansenCEO and co-founder of LogicStream Health, talks with Kody Hansen, healthcare market research director focusing on precision medicine, clinical decision support and clinical process improvement (CPI) at healthcare advisory firm KLAS, about growing interest in the role of CPI solutions to unlock the value embedded in clinical data and improve workflows, processes and quality of care.

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The conversation began with insights from a recent gathering of healthcare leaders about the future of the U.S. Affordable Care Act, increasing attention on controlling pharmaceutical costs and the need to reduce unnecessary variation in care delivery. Yoder noted that CPI – key to tackling two of the three aforementioned topics – is top of mind for healthcare leaders for its role in helping them balance the realities of value-based reimbursement and fee-for-service models of providing care.

Hansen agrees that CPI is at the forefront of many current conversations among healthcare leaders. He explained how CPI came to the attention of KLAS as the research firm works to help the industry bridge the gap between current infrastructure and value-based care initiatives. KLAS was continually hearing from healthcare providers about the pain they were experiencing trying to extract data from existing clinical systems. Clinical leaders bemoaned the time they put in with little return.

Hansen explained that the more KLAS listened, the deeper they investigated software solutions in the marketplace for helping clinical teams optimize processes and workflows. In April, KLAS released its report, titled “Clinical Process Improvement 2018: Paving the Way for Improved Clinical Processes,” which recognizes LogicStream Health for overall CPI performance and lists the company as highly rated for physician adherence to standards of care and the strategic guidance it provides to its customers, while exceeding the market average for its strength in identifying improvement opportunities.

Healthcare organizations often are sitting on much more value about their clinical processes than they realize or have the bandwidth to address, said Hansen, but CPI solutions are the key to unlock that door. Yoder and Hansen discussed emerging trends in the market around CPI, the value proposition for CPI solutions and why it is important for healthcare systems to pay attention to CPI. To learn more about this important conversation, including key items KLAS advises organizations to consider when evaluating CPI solutions, current technology adoption rates and the expected evolution of CPI going forward, listen to the podcast.

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