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Episode 10 — Pharmacy-related problems in health systems and solutions to overcome them

Posted by Patrick Yoder on September 7, 2018 12:30:00 PM CDT
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In this episode of the LogicStreaming Podcast, host Patrick Yoder, CEO and co-founder of LogicStream Health, talks with Dr. Brita Hansen, Chief Medical Officer at LogicStream Health, about pharmacy-related problems in health systems. Thankfully, there are solutions to overcome them. Today, they focus on drug shortages, high cost medications, opioid prescribing practices and antibiotic stewardship.

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Patrick begins with covering the problems health systems face around drug shortages. He describes the difficulties around trying to optimize order sets without having access to required data to target specific medications. Dr. Hansen elaborates about how patient safety will ultimately improve when proper medications are used. She also covers how to reduce costs by replacing expensive medications with a more cost effective and equally effective alternative.

Opioid and antibiotic best practices are discussed, and Dr. Hansen reviews some recent guidelines and the importance of decision transparency. Patrick then touches on how technology paired with electronic health record information can be used to prevent problems before they occur. The two discuss clinical process improvement and how it can drive implementation of best practices and facilitate appropriate utilization more naturally. The discussion continues to elaborate on the traditional methods to implement best practices and how they can be complemented by new technology and solutions. Costs of specific medications and how and where money can be saved are also covered.

Dr. Hansen finishes by talking about new data available to efficiently manage medication prescriptions. She highlights LogicStream Health’s pharmacy management software solutions that can help with drug shortages and medication stewardship. She covers how using specific information around each drug shortage can lighten the load of the many people manually covering and reporting all details of medications daily. Patrick recalled his frustrations when he was a clinical pharmacist of only knowing about a drug shortage after the drug was gone. He also touches on the benefits of preventing shortages before they happen. The discussion concludes by explaining the software available for drug shortage management. This includes how to specifically target medications that may not be following best practices or are high-cost.

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