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Tackling the Clinical Process Crisis

Posted by Dr. Brita Hansen on Feb 9, 2018 4:35:55 PM

The era of modern medicine has produced groundbreaking discoveries that have helped save countless lives. But despite their value to patient care, these discoveries also place a heavy burden on providers and their organizations. A study published in 2011 estimated that as of 2010, medical knowledge began doubling every 3.5 years. By 2020, the doubling rate is expected to drop to approximately 73 days. This rapid rate of change has a significant influence on clinical processes. Today’s best practices may be outdated tomorrow. This, in turn, creates unnecessary variation in clinical processes and increases morbidity and mortality risks that can be avoided.

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Topics: Appropriate Utilization, Clinician Engagement, Quality & Safety

Instant insight and clinical process control critical requirements for reducing sepsis risk – Part 2

Posted by Dr. Brita Hansen on Jan 24, 2018 3:20:09 PM

We want to pick-up from where we left off a couple weeks ago, which called attention to healthcare’s “Quiet Crisis” – a scenario in which clinical processes vary widely; are difficult to see into in near-real time; and, next to impossible to control and improve with EHR systems alone. One C-level clinician described the current state as ‘whack-a-mole’ healthcare. This environment is not conducive to clinical process control and improvement.

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Topics: Appropriate Utilization, Quality & Safety

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Improve and Control Clinical Processes

Brita Hansen, MD, is Chief Medical Officer at LogicStream Health. Dr. Hansen is also a practicing internal medicine hospitalist and has served as a healthcare system executive, most recently as Chief Health Information Officer at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. Dr. Brita’s Blog covers a range of topics, including:

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