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Clinical Process Improvement: Why is(n’t) everyone talking about it?

Posted by Dr. Brita Hansen on Aug 16, 2018 12:06:59 PM
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You may be hearing the term “Clinical Process Improvement” (CPI) more frequently in conversations about controlling waste in healthcare. Across the industry, there is growing interest in the role of CPI solutions to unlock the value embedded in clinical data and improve workflows, processes and quality of care. But the definition is still evolving and what was once a ‘quiet crisis,’ is finally getting some of the attention it deserves. One catalyst for all this talk about CPI is its designation as a new category by healthcare KLAS logo - accurate, honest, impartialadvisory firm KLAS. In April 2018, KLAS released its report titled “Clinical Process Improvement 2018: Paving the Way for Improved Clinical Processes.

Clinical Process Improvement came to the attention of KLAS as the research firm interacted with healthcare leaders to help the industry bridge the gap between current infrastructure and value-based care initiatives. KLAS was continually hearing from healthcare providers about the pain they were experiencing trying to extract data from existing clinical systems. Clinical leaders expressed frustration about the significant amounts of time they put in with little return. The more KLAS listened, the more they realized that CPI was a key area in need of further investigation. Reason being, while all these leaders had identified they had a similar problem, no one was talking about a solution that could meet their various needs. A solution-focused, data-driven approach to improving clinical outcomes through process standardization and elimination of unnecessary variation in care.

As they delved deeper, KLAS researchers investigated software solutions in the marketplace for helping clinical teams optimize processes and workflows. KLAS understood that healthcare organizations often are sitting on much more valuable information about their clinical processes than they realize or have the bandwidth to address – and recognized that CPI solutions are the key to unlock that value.

LogicStream Health is one of the CPI solutions KLAS covers in its report, which recognizes LogicStream Health for overall CPI performance and lists the company as highly rated for physician adherence to standards of care and the strategic guidance it provides to its customers, while exceeding the market average for its strength in identifying improvement opportunities. The report illuminates how customers use the insights gleaned from the LogicStream Health software to optimize the immense libraries of clinical content and other electronic medical record (EMR) workflows, as well as to highlight improvement and coaching opportunities for select clinicians. In the report on LogicStream Health customer commented:

“The LogicStream system gives us a lot of insight about how we are using things. We can do a lot of optimization and cleanup with that insight. Additionally, the system allows us to see everything that is happening in our EMR, and we can see all of that information in one place. We use that information to facilitate, organize and prioritize our projects.”

To understand more about why CPI is emerging from the shadows and is coming to the forefront of so many current conversations among healthcare leaders, I encourage you to click the button below to listen to an episode of the LogicStreaming Podcast in which my colleague, Patrick Yoder, Episode 8: The Value of Clinical Process Improvement Software CEO and co-founder of LogicStream Health, talks with Kody Hansen, KLAS healthcare market research director, about emerging CPI-related trends. Their discussion covers the value proposition for CPI solutions, why it is important for healthcare systems to pay attention to CPI, key items KLAS advises organizations to consider when evaluating CPI solutions, current technology adoption rates and the expected evolution of CPI going forward. It’s a wide-ranging discussion with valuable insights for anyone interested in understanding more about CPI – and why everyone is finally talking about it.

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